How to Maintain a Healthy Diet at Work

When busy at work, a healthy diet can become a bit of an afterthought. But a balanced diet is essential to keep your body functioning properly. Nutrients in food can help repair cellular damage, fuel your body with vitamins and minerals and promote a healthy immune system. Here is how to maintain a healthy diet at work:

Prepare meals in advance

In order to avoid last minute lunch and snack purchases, try preparing meals the day before or at the weekend. Invest in plastic containers to use to refrigerate or freeze foods, which can easily be taken to and from work. This will also allow you to control what ingredients are included in your meals and select the healthiest options. Try adding a variety of vegetables into your meals to get your five-a-day.

Don’t skip breakfast

Not eating breakfast can cause your blood sugar to drop leaving you hungry and fatigued. Your body needs fuel to function properly and your energy levels will be low if you don’t eat. Not only that but if you skip breakfast, you’re likely to consume more when you next eat.

Create a food schedule

If you struggle with snacking, then creating a food schedule may help you avoid overindulging. You should eat three main meals a day with some snacks. Work can become quite hectic so try to stick to the time you have selected as closely as possible.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks

It can be easy to binge on sugary treats throughout the day, especially when people bring in cake for a birthday or purchase office biscuits. So, ditch the biscuits/cake and opt for fruit instead! Fresh fruit is a tasty and healthy option, boosting your immune system and keeping you in perfect health thanks to the combination of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks as they can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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Drink water not coffee

Minimize your caffeine intake and make a conscious effort to drink more water throughout the day. Setting yourself a daily goal could help. Try adding slices of fruit to your glass for some flavor. No matter where you are: in a meeting room, in the car or on public transport, always bring water with you so that you don’t forget to stay hydrated. If you do have a coffee or two in the day, then have a glass of water