How to bring a modern shopping experience to your employee discounts experience

Recent studies have shown that 84% of UK adults own a smartphone, and spent more than two and a half hours every day using them. The increase of mobile ownership and use signals important news for employers and is a trend that many of the clients I work with are taking advantage of:

If you have a modern workforce who’s dispersed, or employees who aren’t necessarily at a desk or a computer for a large component of their work day, reaching them via mobile is the way to go.

If your organisation has an employee discounts scheme in place, you’re likely looking for ways to demonstrate success and a return on your investment. Many of the clients we work with know that a successful programme is one that’s frequently used, remains front of mind for employees, and reinforces the advantages that come with being an employee (or even a family member of an employee that can take advantage of the hundreds of discounts!).

This is where technology can help. Making your programme accessible on a device that your employees are already using habitually increases the frequency and quality of use.

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