How to beat those hump day feelings in the office

We all need a pick me up in the middle of the week. After two long days in front of the computer, not doing much apart from thinking about your next snack, the deadline you have looming, and the boss chasing you for answers, it’s not surprising Wednesday’s feel like a bit of a drag.

Why not consider setting up something for a Wednesday that the team can look forward too? Set aside time during the middle of the week that allows everyone to think about something else for half an hour, which will bring smiles to all.

Healthy cooking contest
Set your office up into teams and plan the cooking contest in advance, as to which team will cook each week. At the end of the month you should get everyone to vote for your favourite Wednesday Wellness Lunch. The only rules being that the food has to be healthy! Healthy food helps employees concentrate for longer and it is more filling. It is also an opportunity for people within the office to mingle and socialise with each other, and maximises team building and bonding.

Designated coffee shop run
Once a week a “team” from the office can take orders and wander down to the local coffee shop, and purchase everyone who wants one, a coffee. It gets them away from their screens, a chance to have a walk and maybe chat to colleagues who they may not usually get a chance to interact with. It also gives them huge brownie points with the members of the team who are in the office, as they are treated to a nice hot drink. The only rule is that a different group must collect the coffees every week so everyone has a chance to get out. 

Wednesday wellness wall
Create a space on a wall that everyone can see, and once a week designate time for employees to write something about someone in the office, that would make them smile, and attach it to the wall. Allow people time to read the wall, and discuss what they’ve read. It puts a smile on everyone’s face and gets people talking. Add to it every week, and at the end of the month, let your colleagues take the ones that are written about them and let them keep them. The only catch is you have to write about someone different every week.

Acknowledgement jar
Similar to the wellness wall idea, but less time consuming. Place a jar in a communal area, and every time a colleague does something that’s helpful, or above and beyond, write it down on a little note and pop it in the jar. At the end of the week, nominate someone to read them, and deliver them to the people who are named on them. Give everyone who has a note written about them the grace to go home early, or buy them a coffee. Just a small gesture from the boss is sometimes enough to let employees know they are valued. 

Provide healthy snacks
Create a communal drawer in a common area, and regularly fill it with healthy foods for the staff when they start to feel peckish. It allows them the opportunity to get away from their desks for a moment, and they might get the chance to say hello to other colleagues. It also lets them know that you are aware of their wellbeing, and care for them. This could easily be a different snack every week, and could also mean team members are able to try new things.

Healthy competition
Create a mini healthy competition within the office, for example; a step count competition.

Many people have fitness trackers, or the ability to count steps on their phones in their pockets. Create a wall area, or white board area, and challenge staff to get the most steps. This might encourage them to go for a walk on their lunch break, or have walking meetings instead of staying stuck in front of their screens. It might motivate others and encourage a healthier life style too.