How a bespoke benefits platform can improve engagement

A bespoke employee benefits platform can be just what you need to suitably reward your team.

While an off-the-shelf solution can also work too to house all your company benefits, a bespoke platform can take your benefits to the next level.

How bespoke you decide to go with your benefits platform may depend on your benefits provider and the level of customisation they can provide.

At caboodle, we often provide fully branded platforms for the organisations we work with, including bespoke URLs and benefits communications. We also create new internal brands from the ground up to help really communicate employee benefits effectively.

So, how can all this boost engagement?

Make employees feel represented

A bespoke platform with a unique internal brand can be just what your business needs to help employees feel represented and boost engagement.

Blenheim & Pye came to us looking for a benefits platform that did exactly this.

Their uniquely diverse team in terms of job roles and working locations meant that in order to make everyone feel represented they needed a unique platform with a unique internal brand.

The new internal brand we created for them as part of their new platform included illustrated characters representing the diverse job roles Blenheim & Pye employees had, helping the company show its appreciation for each and every employee.

The characters would feature throughout the platform and communications from the login page to promotional posters.

We also produced bespoke leaflets for Blenhei & Pye to distribute across their 12,000 acre site to reach all employees, whether computer-savvy or not.

These custom features and the unique brand have without doubt helped Blenheim & Pye achieve the engagement with their platform they were looking for.

Improve communications

Bespoke branding brings with it lots of advantages, including unique and distinctive assets that can be used to improve benefits communication and associations employees make.

For example, for the benefits platform we created for SCC, we included three sections titled People, Places and Stash to house specific benefits.

For each of these sections, we assigned specific colours from the internal brand we created for them as part of their platform, which would be used throughout the platform and the accompanying communications.

When employees saw an email or physical communication relating to a specific section of their new benefits platform, they immediately knew which section the communication was referring to by association with the specific colour used.

We also assigned images of real people to each section which again would be used throughout the communications to make them instantly recognisable and instantly associated with each section of the platform.

All this helped boost engagement with SCC’s new bespoke platform and helped them suitably reward their team.

Engage early in the employee experience

Getting off on the right foot is crucial to attracting top talent.

A bespoke platform can be used to attract candidates by including a link to the platform in job ads.

The platform can be used through the rest of the recruitment and onboarding process too to reinforce the importance the company places on rewarding it’s employees.

Giving candidates a flavour of how the company rewards its team is a great way to boost recruitment and engagement in the early stages of the employee experience.

Introducing a bespoke employee benefits platform is a real statement of intent for any business looking to show their employees they’re committed to suitably rewarding their team.

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Ultimately, when a business invests in a choice of employee benefits to support their staff, they want to see employees making the most of it and getting real value from their benefits.

A bespoke platform is a great way to achieve this. For more information, check out our Enterprise employee benefits platform or get in touch for a free demo.