Finding your fitness motivation

We all have days when we wake up and think ‘today is the day’. With the best of interests in the world, we plunge ourselves full steam ahead into a fitness regime, which we keep for 3-to-4 days. Then we upset ourselves thinking we have failed, and promise to do it again, but better.

Here’s a few tips to help with fitness motivation on your way:

Find your reasons
Find the reasons you want to make the change and then write them down, that way you will be able to really decide whether you believe they are achievable. Your reasons are your encouragement on days when you’re feeling a little bit low, and wishing you hadn’t started, pull them out and have a read. They’re a good reminder as to why you’ve made such a good decision.

Focus on positivity
Be your own biggest fan and supporter! You CAN do this, and you will. Everything we put our minds too is achievable, all the while we think we can. There is no space for “I CAN’T”. Write a list of every achievement you make; for example “I walked to work instead of taking the car”! At the end of the week, you’ll have achieved so much, you’ll push yourself to do so much better the next.

Track your progress
Create whatever tracking you like, whether that’s an excel sheet on your computer, a sticker chart, or an X on your calendar, track yourself. You’ll be so impressed with the amount of X’s/Green squares (whatever you choose), you’ll want to keep going. Every little milestone deserves a celebration and acknowledgement. If you miss a day, that’s okay, just aim not to miss two days in a row.

Take small steps
Let’s be honest, we’d all love to have our dreams and wishes fulfilled RIGHT NOW. One of the smartest things we can remember, is that sometimes, things take a bit of time, and that is okay. Every single little goal, is a goal closer to the ultimate goal. It all matters and counts. What we might consider as tiny steps, are still bringing us closer to the finish line. No tiny step is “not enough”, they are all extremely powerful.