Find out how to spot red flags of stress in your employees

Stress is something that we often hear about at work, especially during the COVID pandemic. Employers know that stress-related illness can often be a major reason why their employees are off work and yet they often miss the signs of trouble before it is too late.

We have developed two blog posts on the subject, starting with a post that explores the signs of stress and discusses the idea that there is both good (low-level) and bad (high-level) stress and offers advice for employers on how they can spot the difference.

The blog post also looks at the impact of COVID, which hangs over all workplaces and is itself a source of significant stress.

The second blog on the subject, which we will highlight next week, talks through some of the practical steps that employers and employees can take to help tackle high-level stress. These steps are based on best practice advice given by the NHS.

With employees facing more stress than ever during the pandemic, are you confident you know the signs of stress within your organisation?

Check out the blog here to find out more.