Employee recognition: why the first step starts with YOU

By Toni Whitehouse, Head of Sales Development at Reward Gateway

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles – including Recruitment, Sales and Management – selling into a number of different industries. Not only has this given me a unique perspective for the different departments and leadership styles within companies, but it’s also reaffirmed that no matter your position, location or company – we all need (and crave) employee recognition.

I’m sure you’ve read the multitude of posts and research studies that speak to the importance of employee recognition at work – it’s empowering, motivating, and it helps connect you to the purpose and mission of the company. But for many of us, here’s the problem… we’re not getting recognised or rewarded in our jobs. We’re missing out on the appreciation, even when we know we’ve put in just as much (if not more!) effort as those who do get what seems like “more than their fair share of praise” and it doesn’t feel very good.

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