DCB Group offers employees health initiatives to start the year right  

dcb group

DCB Group is a communications specialist in Manchester, employing 52 people across three business centres. The organisation offers health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year, but the power of supporting employees’ resolutions became apparent more than 10 years ago.  

David Beale, chief executive officer at DCB Group, says: “I gave up smoking in 2007 and encouraged others to join me. Seven of us did it together, supporting one another when it got tough. Taking five minutes out to walk round the block or have a chat to someone going through the same thing made a big difference.” 

The success and camaraderie this generated lead to further health initiatives based in January, including the launch of a weight-loss programme four years ago. As well as support and information around healthy weight loss, this involves regular weigh-ins, which can be public or private depending on the employee’s preference.  

Beale says this programme proved extremely popular in its initial run, with around a third of the organisation getting involved. As a result, it is now available throughout the year. “If an employee wants to lose weight, they can lay down a challenge to the rest of the staff,” he explains. “It’s much easier when others are doing the same thing.” 

Health resolutions will also be on the agenda for DCB Group in 2019, with the launch of a walking club planned for January. This will encourage employees to get out of the office at lunchtime.  

“We’re going to launch a challenge to see how many miles employees can cover,” Beale explains. “If we manage 1,000 miles in January, we’ll celebrate with a company lunch. Our employees are our number one asset, so it’s important we support them and help them look after their health.”