Podcast: Daemon’s reward approach supports its remote-first working model

Listen: In this episode of the Employee Benefits podcast, Jenny Locke, head of people at Daemon, discusses the reward strategy at the technology consultant, and how the organisation provides an enticing employee experience to retain key talent.

Locke explains how the strategy is aligned to the needs a remote-first workforce and because of this, during difficult times such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it was able to provide valued benefits that offered support to staff without much adaptation to the benefits package.

At a glance

Daemon was founded in 2007 and drives digital transformation for its clients. It has around 135 employees with the average age of 34. Typical job roles at the organisation include software engineer, cloud and development operations consultants.

Career history 

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Jenny Locke, head of people, joined Daemon in April 2022, having worked in HR since  2008 in various roles, and is a self-confessed “HR geek”.

Locke says that she feels privileged to have worked with the businesses that she has and to have grown her career from an HR admin through to her current role. “The biggest achievement I would hang my hat on here at Daemon would be to ensure we have an approach to accessible and frequent recognition for all Daemonites to recognise both high performance, achievements and important lifestyle events. Along with the introduction of our first HR system which quite frankly makes our reporting lives way easier!” she says.