Customised Ecards and their Increasing Impact on Company Culture

Saying thank you for your hard work with an Ecard is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Sending Ecards is a simple, cost-effective way to show appreciation to a team member. Ecards act as an eco-friendly and attractive way to incorporate perks at work. 

Research repeatedly shows simple expressions of appreciation have an extraordinary effect on morale, productivity and loyalty. 50% of employees say a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated. Customising your own Ecard is a fun way to get you and your team’s creative juices flowing.

Here at Each Person, we allow you to instantly send digital Ecards to your employee’s inbox when it matters most. Moreover, you can customise, brand and even animate Ecards to match your company values, making it all the more personal.

How Ecards impact company culture:

Building connections

Ecards are a positive, powerful, and manageable way to build employee relations. Better connections result in more substantial and productive teams. Therefore, your people will be happier and more fruitful, creating a positive company culture.

Design & inspiration

Using customised Ecards in the workplace allows your people to be inspired daily. Design teams have a chance to create some fun, dynamic and clever work that positively impacts the whole company. In addition, inspired teams are more likely to be efficient.

New ways of communication

With Covid-19 creating a new way of working within the UK and beyond, Ecards are a clever way to break through communication issues that have been built from an online setup. They can be designed for specific reasons, such as a thank you for your hard work, well done on your zoom call or even just a hello. In other words, Ecards don’t have to be plain and can be used efficiently.

Rewards and recognition

The more your people work better, the more likely you are to use rewards and recognition. On top of this, they are their own form of award and can help you let your people know they’re appreciated. Attaching employee vouchers can positively impact financial wellbeing and even increase efficiency.

On the other hand, customising your own Ecards can be time-consuming, and some companies may not have an in-house design team to work on new designs. For that reason, Each Person offers a plethora of existing Ecards for every occasion, so companies still have a variety to choose from. These are updated often to avoid repetitiveness. This means no one misses out on the benefits that they can bring to the workplace.

To conclude, Ecards increase company culture tenfold, which is incredibly important in 2021. Keeping your people happy and inspired can have astronomical benefits in many different areas. Therefore, they are an intelligent decision. To find out more about Ecards and how Each Person can improve your rewards and recognition scheme, visit and follow us on social media today.

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