Creating healthy snacking choices in the workplace

Snacking can’t be helped when we sit at our desks for over eight hours a day. However, eventually those snacks add up, and all of a sudden, the weight can start to pile on. Creating healthy snacking choices in the workplace is not as hard as it seems.

To begin with, don’t rely on the office to always provide the healthiest snacks in the staff room; bring your own desk snacks for yourself, and keep them in your own area and avoid dipping into anything that’s communal.

  • Fruit is always a good option, as it hasn’t got any added sugar or fats and will contribute to your 5-a-day.
  • Nuts – having a handful of nuts can boost your energy and they are a great source of many nutrients including vitamin E, antioxidants and protein.
  • Vegetable sticks and humus – humus is a firm favourite when wanting to try different textures and flavours, meaning you can make your vegetables interesting and tastier.
  • Yoghurt – Greek yoghurt is a popular snack but some may find it quite plain so why not add a handful of blueberries or other fruits to add some flavour.
  • Crackers and peanut butter can be a great snack, add on some banana and cinnamon for extra taste, all of which is low in calories.

You should always consider the timing of your snacking – choosing the right time of day to snack can help quench further bouts of hunger. The ideal time for a morning snack is 10.00am, and an afternoon snack should be 16.00pm with your lunch taken between 12.00pm and 14.00pm ideally.

As well as healthier snacks, have a look at changing what it is you drink at your desk:

  • Water is obviously calorie free, and is the best when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated. Iced water can influence the body to burn more calories, due to needing to regain heat. The suggested daily water intake is two litres. If you find drinking that amount of water a day boring, then why not add some fruit into it to give it a hint of flavour.
  • Green Tea is another great choice when it comes to having a drink at your desk; it contains antioxidants that are used to breakdown fat around our belly and organs.
  • Vegetable juice is also a tasty option. Whether you make it yourself, or buy it in store, make sure you choose vegetables high in fibre as it assists with weight loss!