BSI introduces global menopause support for staff

BSI menopause support Business improvement and standards organisation British Standards Institution (BSI) has rolled out a menopause support and ongoing care programme for its employees worldwide.

Through a partnership with virtual clinic Maven Clinic, BSI’s employees and their partners across 37 countries, including the UK, India, China and Indonesia, will have free 24/7 unlimited access to dedicated care advocates and menopause specialists. These include obstetricians, gynecologists, nutritionists, mental health providers, pelvic floor physical therapists and career coaches, as well as clinically-sound education and provider moderated drop-in groups.

Virtual care with specialists in more than 35 languages will be available on-demand through video or message chat.

According to BSI, the initiative underscores its leadership and commitment to supporting employees as they navigate the menopause. It follows the publication of its workplace standard on menopause, menstrual health and menstruation in the workplace in May last year, which sets out changes designed to create a more inclusive and productive working environment.

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Anne Hayes, director of sectors at BSI, said: “As we think about helping women take charge of midlife health and thrive in their careers, we know that providing access to comprehensive menopause support is mission critical. Our Second glass ceiling report has shown us that 72% of women want employers to take action to retain older women in the workforce by providing support through menopause. This is not only an issue for experienced women but has an impact on organisations and society, as organisations lose out on productive people and mentors to guide younger colleagues.

“Employers have the potential to be a key resource and vital avenue of support, while helping to advance society’s journey in tackling how menopause is approached. We are thrilled to build on our existing offering and give our employees globally access to quality care to continue our journey in building a more diverse and equitable working future.”