86% of employers have seen a higher demand for international working

international working Employee Benefits poll: Almost nine in 10 (86%) of employers have seen a recent growth in demand for international working, and now have more people working for them based in different countries.

In comparison, only one in 10 (9%) respondents to an online survey conducted by Employee Benefits said that they had seen no increase in international working as yet, but had current or prospective employees who would be interested, while 5% neither offered the opportunity nor had seen any demand for it.

No respondents said that they offered the option to work from abroad but had seen no increase in demand to take it up.

Last month, Employee Benefits reported that almost three-fifths (57%) of UK hybrid workers planned to extend their overseas trips this summer in order to ditch the office and work from more idyllic locations, according to research by flexible workspace operator IWG.

The research, which canvassed 1,009 hybrid office workers, found that 88% were planning to take advantage of the chance to work from anywhere in the UK or abroad, 67% felt they could perform effectively from anywhere, and 71% would only consider a new job that gave them the flexibility to work anywhere for at least part of the year.

Three-quarters (76%) of hybrid workers cited improved work-life balance as one of the main benefits of being able to work from anywhere, with 52% spending more time with friends and family, 47% saving money by travelling off-peak and 30% noting longer holidays.

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Many employers have implemented work-from-anywhere policies over the past year. Creative agency Waste Creative allows staff to do so for up to four weeks per year, and short-term rental platform AirBnB implemented a policy allowing staff to decide whether they are most effective working remotely, allowing employees to work from abroad for 90 days per year as of this month.