59% say remote working has afforded them a higher salary

remote working salary

Almost three-fifths (59%) of remote workers said the practice has afforded them a higher salary, according to research by global compliance and payroll technology organisation Deel.

Its survey of more than 700 individuals working remotely in 86 countries also found that just under two-thirds (64%) found it had helped them to increase their savings, thanks for factors such as salary increases, as well as reduced travel and housing costs.

In addition, three-quarters of respondents said working remotely had afforded them a better work-life balance, while 51% said it had resulted in increased productivity and 35% said it had helped them to obtain their dream job.

Remote work has also helped respondents overcome professional barriers such as gaining a promotion. Nine in 10 respondents said this is the case overall, with this response highest among respondents under the age of 25 (98%), followed by 91% of those aged 25 to 34 and those aged over 45, and 86% of respondents aged 35 to 44.

Matt Monette, country lead and head of expansion UK and Ireland at Deel, said: “This research makes it clear – the benefits of remote working are wide-ranging, impacting people’s personal as well as professional lives.

“Some groups in particular reap the rewards. Mothers are more likely than fathers to say remote work has meaningfully helped them as a parent, and Gen Z is the most likely generation to say working remotely helped them overcome barriers in their professional lives.

“It’s important that organisations understand that they too can benefit massively from flexible working arrangements – through increased productivity, an expanded talent pool and a happier workforce to name but a few.”