52% of UK staff do not have a good work-life balance

New research has highlighted that one in two (52%) UK employees admit that their work regularly eats into their personal life.

Business and salary review website Glassdoor surveyed 2,017 UK full-time members of staff and found that nearly half (48%) took action to improve their blend of job and home during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, and 35% believe a healthy balance of the two is not possible in their current role.

Two-thirds (66%) of respondents intend to make changes to improve their current work-life balance and are looking for employers to offer a solution, while 67% said that what they want from a balance between work and home has changed since the pandemic began.

A good balance between home and work life is flexible working hours for a third (36%) of those polled, with 32% wanting choice in where they work and 23% asking for a reduced working week. Generous paid time-off is important to 24%, and 28% want the ability to switch between work and personal life throughout the day as needed.

More than two-thirds (67%) said the ability to allocate whatever time they chose to work and personal activities was important for them, and eight in 10 stated that work-life balance would be a key consideration when looking for their next role. The majority (53%) believe that the responsibility for ensuring a good balance is shared between employee and employer.

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Lauren Thomas, economist at Glassdoor, explained reviews indicate that the companies that top the work-life balance rankings offer a range of options to help workers harmonise their home and professional lives.

“Whether it is the autonomy to set one’s schedule, hybrid working policies or simply trust shown by management that work will be delivered without being tied to an office, it is clear that a healthy balance is best achieved when employees can individualise their approach to work,” she said.