5 ways to support your employees’ New Year’s resolutions

Companies can do a lot to help their employees with their New Year’s resolutions. Loads of people start the year with Dry January and a new gym membership. Most also start the year by returning to work and struggle to find the time for exercise.

So, how can employers help?

Gym Scheme
Some of your employees might find a gym membership too expensive. Most companies, in the big cities at least, offer discounts at gyms throughout the country through their gym scheme offering. Offering discounted memberships through your employee benefits offering is a must.

January is by far the most popular month to start at the gym. If you already offer discounted gym memberships through your employee benefits, now is a great time to tailor your benefits communications towards this.

Most discounted memberships offered through employee benefits are with popular, well known gyms throughout the country. However, have you tried contacting local independent gyms?

Local Gym Agreements
Not all companies can afford an onsite gym, but you’ll probably have loads of local independent gyms that could be popular with employees. If you don’t already. try contacting them and see if you can get discounts for your employees. Your employees could then use the gyms at a discounted rate during their lunch break.

Being local has a massive advantage because one of the most common reasons for people not exercising or quitting the gym is lack of time. Discounted rates at local gyms could help your employees hold on to those New Year’s resolutions for a lot longer!

Healthy Living Culture
The more people there are in the workplace that exercise and eat healthy, the more will follow. Organising group spin classes can be great for people trying to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you could highlight people’s achievements in sticking to their resolutions? Maybe set some group or individual targets for people? A little competition is both fun and motivating.

Healthy Food in the Office
This can go a long way to helping people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. It could be a simple as a free fruit bowl in the office. Most big companies will offer healthy alternatives in the office canteen. Whether it’s meals, drinks or snacks, employees will be looking for healthier alternatives at work.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits
A comprehensive health and wellbeing benefits offering is a must for companies of all sizes. Make sure your employees know what benefits you’re offering. Again, tailoring your employee benefits communications to support New Year’s resolutions could help drive engagement.

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The benefits of a good health and wellbeing offering goes even further. A happier healthier workforce is more loyal and productive, so you’ll reap the rewards all year round.

Whether you are a big or small company with a big or small budget, there’s loads you can do to support your employees when it comes to their New Year’s resolutions.