2 key ideas to improve employee rewards: Redemption experience and strategic communication

By Louis Kwakye, UK Director of Sales at Reward Gateway

Building a reward and recognition platform that’s built for your people’s needs takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In part one of this series, we introduced you to our step-by-step process to building a successful R&R programme and uncovered how to involve your employees in the platform build to increase awareness and participation.

Next, I want to dive into two keys of creating an unforgettable employee experience within your reward and recognition framework: transparent and simple reward redemption, and open and honest communication.

Employee reward and recognition is a powerful way to provide your people with the frameworks, rhythms and tools to provide each other visibility and validation. As more organisations grow into dispersed, remote or hybrid work modes, peer-to-peer recognition and manager-rewards are opportunities to enable frequent and multi-directional feedback and create moments of connection across your business.

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