Workers employed by Edinburgh Airport accept 6.8% pay increase

Edinburgh Airport pay increase
Credit: Serge Cornu /

A total of 275 workers employed by Edinburgh Airport have accepted a 6.8% increase for their shift pay following negotiations.

The employees, who are members of trade union Unite, deal directly with passengers in airport security, terminal operations, search areas and process them for flights, as well as carry out screening all deliveries and assisting with airside support services.

Backdated to 1 January, it represents an 18.8% increase in basic pay over the last two years. Their overtime rate will also rise for weekend work to double time from time and three quarters.

The employer has additionally committed to review its working rotas in order to improve workers’ work-life balance, while the eligibility period for employees to receive maximum sick pay protections will be reduced to three years from five. After the three-year period, all workers will receive three months on full pay, then three months on half pay in any 12 month period.

Sharon Graham, general secretary at Unite, said: “Unite’s Runway to Success campaign across Scottish airports has well and truly taken off. This is another good deal for our members at Edinburgh Airport.”

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Mary Alexander, Scottish deputy secretary of Unite, added: “Unite has secured another significant pay deal for our members at Edinburgh Airport. Hundreds of workers will now benefit from a string of better terms and conditions to their contracts including shift pay, access to the sick pay scheme along with a commitment to review the working rotas.”

Edinburgh Airport was contacted for comment prior to publication.