Why accessibility matters every day

Accessibility affects many people, and in ways that aren’t always obvious. In practice, accessibility is about designing for users with disabilities. Philosophically, it isn’t so much about designing for disability as it is about designing for everyone.

Consider these accessibility issues you may not have thought of before – over 60% of the world’s population wears glasses – that’s an accessibility issue. Plus, roughly 50% of people break a bone before the age of 65 – that’s an accessibility issue too.

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So how does this translate over to our digital products? Well, we do things on the web more than ever before. Our services have to be accessible to all those who use them, and I believe that designing for people with different needs will result in designs that benefit us all. As a Senior Product Designer with my focus in Usability, you can see how I’ve become incredibly passionate about this topic.

Click here to read about our partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to create an accessible employee discounts platform to ensure individuals with vision impairments can fully and independently utilise all services.