What we can learn from the world’s first $1 trillion company and their benefits

As of 2018, Apple have over 132,000 employees and became the world’s first $1 Trillion company. In 2018 they were named Indeed’s best UK employer as voted for by employees. So, what makes them so good to work for? Work culture, good rates of pay and free or discounted products were cited as major reasons for their popularity.

As for their benefits offering, only employees get a complete overview of what they offer, but some of their best perks are well documented.

Health & Wellbeing
Many companies, big or small, offer gym discounts these days and Apple are no different. Being a $1 Trillion company, they have an onsite fitness and wellness centre including personal trainers, dieticians, massage therapists and physiotherapists.

Like many of the top employers, they also offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), as well as a generous health and dental insurance package.

Not every company can offer an onsite gym, but discounted gym memberships are a key part of any benefits offering for companies big or small. Any way a company can help employees with costs of healthcare are always a positive.

Apple offer their employees discounts on local public transport as well as a cycle to work scheme to help employees with the cost of their commute. Based in Sillicon Valley, it’s incredibly important for a company like Apple to remain competitive when it comes to attracting the most talented employees. Helping employees with their journey to and from the workplace is a simple but effective thing for any company to do when trying to position themselves as an attractive employer for talented new employees.

Apple always reward and recognise their hard-working employees. Those who work night shifts and weekends get free food in the onsite cafeteria. The apples are also free to all workers. Apple also hold events for all their employees with live music, free beer and appetisers.

Those who choose to work extra or go the extra mile should always be recognised and rewarded. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be of great monetary value, but if an employee goes the extra mile for you, you should go the extra mile for them. Apple attract some of the hardest working employees from all over the world and are happy to reward them.

Apple also offer discounts for their employees and their families on Apple products. They also offer stock purchase options at a discounted rate.

Whether you offer an exceptional product or a market leading service, employees who work hard on making the product a success and making the company successful should get access to that product or service at a discounted rate where possible. Offering discounted stock purchase options is also a great perk to offer.

Obviously, no one is expected to have the same benefits package or offer the same perks as Apple, but we can learn a few things from how they reward their employees. Sometimes it’s the little things, like free apples. It won’t cost Apple much, but it’s a nice touch, and all the little things add up. Offering incentives for hard working employees is also a key part of their offering and is something all companies should make some effort to do. Helping employees with commuting is also key, and there’s a whole load of benefits that come with this.