What is the MotorSave employee benefit scheme?

The last year has been like nothing most have ever witnessed. Almost overnight, all of the news was about the coronavirus, shelves in supermarkets were emptied and the number of cars on the roads dwindled.

With lockdown restrictions easing soon and the government’s roadmap to normality being announced, it won’t be long before the roads are filled with cars again on their morning commutes or heading to catch up with loved ones.

After being in lockdowns for so long, cars haven’t been used as often or racked up as much mileage. This makes cars more susceptible to unnoticed problems that when out on the road, could put you, your loved ones and others in danger.

It can also cause extra stress, knowing that the repairs and services needed may end up with you being left with a big bill to pay at the end of it. Sometimes paying for these things becomes more of a luxury than a necessity, especially if something isn’t a glaring problem that puts your car out of action. Leaving these problems to get worse can however cause bigger problems down the line if they aren’t fixed, so the benefits of booking that car repair or inspection outweighs the negatives.

At Caboodle Technology, we recently launched the MotorSave scheme, allowing employees to pay for their car care in an affordable and easy way, through a salary sacrifice scheme. The scheme gives employees and employers the chance to decide repayment plans that works for all involved.

But how does MotorSave work? And what are the benefits, for both your employees and the company?

Perks for your employees

– Helps spread the cost of car care

– The funds can be used for MOTs, servicing, repairs and routine maintenance

– The scheme can be used to maintain family vehicles too

– MotorSave payments are taken from your employees’ regular gross pay, helping them save on tax (12% for regular, 2% for higher tax payers)

– Any left-over funds can be used to pay for future maintenance or repairs in the following year

– Employees can take advantage of any promotions that may be on offer through Halfords Autocentres

– There are around 345 Halfords Autocentres in the UK. All of which are open at least 6 days a week, some are even open on Sundays, meaning you can fit your car care around your schedule

– Your employees will have peace of mind knowing that their car maintenance costs are taken care of.

Benefits for employers

– Many employees will drive so the scheme has wide appeal amongst staff

– Your employees will make payments over 12 months and can renew annually if they wish

– You have control of how the scheme funded, either self-funding and taking the payments through employees’ salaries or taking out a loan with Halfords and paying back in line with employee repayments

– Helps to keep car maintenance easy, so employees are less likely to be stressed or need extra time off due to getting issues fixed

Hopefully, you can see from the above, just how important schemes like MotorSave are and how much easier and safer our roads will be the more people have access to them. It’s exciting that life is beginning to get back to normal, but it’s important that it’s done in the safest way possible and that extends beyond being COVID safe. However, the perks of this scheme will stand for long after the coronavirus pandemic, so whilst it’s a beneficial resource in making our road to normality safer, it is an investment with long term benefits too!

Find out more information on our website here – MotorSave | Caboodle Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice Scheme (caboodle-technology.co.uk)