What is Agile Working and how to adopt it post covid?

What is Agile Working?

The Agile Organisation defines Agile Working as “bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It is working within guidelines (of the task) but without boundaries (of how you achieve it).”

In other words, creating a flourishing Agile Working environment means being responsive and flexible to the developments of your company. Remembering that work is an activity, not a place is crucial.

Despite flexibility being an influential factor to Agile Working, it does not mean that Agile and Flexible Working are the same. Many companies still operate in conventional ways, believing they are agile when it may just be hot desking. It is essential to understand that the key to Agile Working is responsiveness.

Subsequently, Agile Working can have astronomical effects on the ability to respond to tasks quickly and effectively. More importantly, on workplace wellbeing, productivity and engagement of your people. Therefore, creating a happy and powerful workforce.

How to adopt Agile Working

Agile Working can be simple to adopt in many different workplace settings. Using a few simple steps, corporations can transform into adaptable environments. While it is noteworthy to understand your workplace may not be able to implement all actions using any can be beneficial.

Scrap job titles

Scraping job titles may seem unconventional. However, abolishing titles allows people to evolve and increases the division of labour. Hence why those adopting this see higher engagement from interested employees. Furthermore, scrapping titles will offer more chances to say ‘thank you for your hard work‘ and encourage good behaviour.

Flexibility Conditions

Maintaining a flexible approach to work cultures such as remote working, hours, and holiday allows your people to feel more incentivised and appreciated. Including these flexible perks at work is proven to lower staff turnover.

Office space

Providing appropriate space for Agile Working is vital to its success. Encouraging collaborative spaces allows your people to work to their full potential. With 75% of employees saying that collaboration is very important to them, it is no surprise that this increases productivity. Including eco-space can also offer great solutions to collaborative work such as outside areas.

To summarise, Agile Working is not the same as Flexible Working. As a company, you must become responsive to new challenges you face and encourage your people to change their dynamics of working. Ultimately this form of operation will allow your company to grow through happy, dynamic and productive staff, with the ability to change when needed.

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