WEBINAR: Shaping the future of UK employee benefits: trends, action and technology

The world of work is changing at an unprecedented pace, impacting how we source our talent, retain, and engage them. Against this ever-changing backdrop, the need to evolve our employee benefits strategies and programmes has become even more important.

As we move into the new world of work, companies need to ask themselves: are my benefits still right, and do they reflect and support the changing needs of my workforce? In this webinar, we will explore six trends that are shaping the world of UK benefits, sharing tips and examples to help you get your benefits in shape for now and the future.

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Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Overcome budget constraints and support employees financially with creative and high-impact strategies.
  • Use technology to increase benefits usage, reduce HR administration, and create enhanced employee experience.
  • Boost employee income and wellbeing with a consolidated platform.

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