Using communication and recognition to be a champion for your people

By Kylie Green, Director of Consultancy

When the results from Reward Gateway’s study were released earlier this year, the disconnect between employers and employees wasn’t too surprising. Disappointing? Absolutely. But surprising? Not really.

Too often I’ve heard leaders say they think they’re doing “ok” or “enough” when it comes to communicating the mission of their business and building a culture of openness and trust, and recognition for hard work. But it turns out that 7 out of 8 employees don’t really understand their company’s mission and only 1 in 5 believe their company communicates openly and honestly. And while most business owners say that company values are important, almost half of their employees believe they aren’t recognised when they demonstrate them.

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This tells me there’s an enormous gap between what employers think they’re doing well, and what’s really going on in their employees’ day-to-day experience.

Closing this gap might seem like a big task, but click here for a few simple ways that any leader can start to bridge that gap.