Is trust missing from your HR programs?

By Debra Corey, Group Reward Director 

We live in a world where trust is in crisis. According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust has declined, a phenomenon not reported since Edelman began tracking trust in 2012. This is partly due to economic and political concerns, but also down to concerns and lack of trust people have for their employers.

This shortage of trust isn’t isolated to just our economic and political climate though. It’s something I’ve seen and (though I hate to admit it) been guilty of myself.

The issue I want to talk about is the lack of trust between employee and employer. How can our employees trust us if we don’t trust our employees?

And why should they trust us? What have we done to earn their trust? We select them after determining they’re the best person for the job, trusting them enough to have them join our companies. So why then do we stop trusting them as soon as they walk through the door as an employee? We see this in the policies we create, the insane levels of approvals we put in place, the withholding of information, and the lack of autonomy we give them to do their job.

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