Travel Accounts: How missed holidays in 2020 will impact productivity

Holidays are the focal point of almost all employees’ lives, they give us the chance to relax and unwind, recover and recharge. However, 2020 has wreaked havoc on our plans, and for many made a holiday away from home and impossible dream.

Unfortunately, the implications of this are more severe than a lack of tan lines or Instagram posts.

Whilst many people have relied on a Staycation during the school summer holidays, it has meant that these have been extremely hard to find and although availability is easing as schools start to return in September, Britain’s famously unreliable weather makes holidaying in the UK unappealing for many Brits.

So what? You may ask. In and amongst all of the hardship and heartache of 2020, compared to the grief of those who have lost loved ones, what does missing out on a holiday really matter?

If you were to look at it with stark objectivity it shouldn’t, however, we aren’t objective when it comes to our holidays. Holidays provide relief from our day to day stresses, 70% of us book a holiday just for the happiness boost it gives us, and we think about it at least once a day to lift our spirits. This year not only have employees missed out on their holidays, but they have had the added stress of trying to re-book or get refunds.

Whilst 2021 may see the widespread distribution of a vaccine and an end to international lockdown the impact of Covid-19 and the restrictions it placed on our lives will stay with us for years to come.

Meaning that holidays in 2021 will be even more important than ever. They will be a symbol of life returning to normal, and they will signal an end to lock downs and quarantines. More than ever they will give employees something to look forward to and will have a far greater impact on our emotional wellbeing than ever before.

What’s good for employees is good for employers.

A two week holiday is proven to improve performance reviews by 60%, and reduce absenteeism by a third. It has also been shown that employees who use all their holiday allowance are 34% more likely to earn their bonus over the next three years.

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Employers who support and encourage their employees to take time off have happier, healthier and more productive colleagues. Which is going to be more important than ever before in 2021, as we recover from the impact of Coronavirus, and we adjust to trading outside of the EU.

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