The ultimate recipe for launching a successful engagement platform

Author: Jess Lilley, Head of Implementation at Reward Gateway

If improving employee engagement is a goal of yours this year, you’re not alone. Employee engagement is more important than ever – due to the pandemic and the rise of hybrid working, there’s a need to keep employees connected and motivated from any location, at any time.

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Think of your engagement strategy as a well-crafted recipe – employees might try it out initially, but ensuring it hits the mark and can evolve to suit everyone’s taste is key to long-term success. Here are five secret ingredients to ensure that your employee engagement platform takes the cake:

1. Make your leaders the icing on the cake of communications
2. Mix up your communications methods to reach people where they are
3. The communication proof is in the ‘why’
4. Make it a place your people loaf
5. Getting the flavours of your platform right, for everyone

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