The top 10 most-read articles between 29 March – 4 April 2024

The top 10 most-read articles on between 29 March – 4 April 2024 were:

  1. Greggs reports 10.49% mean gender pay gap for 2023
  2. Anchor and Cadent Gas shortlisted for Best alignment of benefits to business strategy
  3. Axa extends global support benefits to UK employees
  4. Baker Hughes unifies global benefits proposition with core package
  5. Greenwich Leisure workers receive 20% sick pay increase
  6. Exclusive: 76% of UK employers measure impact of supporting staff health
  7. Energizer Group completes £44 million pension buy-in
  8. Intelex appoints Kristin O’Brien vice president of human resources
  9. Tribunal orders Phoenix Healthcare and Rentacar 24/7 to pay unpaid wages
  10. Sarah Tahamtani: Advice on menopause as a potential disability