The Evolution of Reward and Recognition post Covid-19 and how companies need to adapt [Webinar]

As lockdown and some Covid-19 restrictions continue, more and more organisations are looking at the best ways to recognise and engage with their dispersed teams. In this expert webinar, hosted by Jamie King, Director of Global Rewards at Xexec, and Michael Rose, Director at Rewards Consulting, discover how companies need to adapt the ways in which they implement their Reward and Recognition Programmes post-Covid-19.

Some of the key take-outs include:

  • The changing nature of workforces and how Reward and Recognition strategies need to change
  • Using engagement surveys and other employee surveys to establish an ROI
  • How to implement Reward and Recognition in an effective manner with a remote workforce
  • The future role of Reward and Recognition when driving company culture and values

Watch Xexec’s Webinar now.