Survey: Work-Life Imbalance Threatens Return To Office

For UK companies grappling with severe labor shortages, inadequate family support is proving harmful to both parents and employers. At the onset of the summer holiday break, we collected feedback from the experts in this area – working parents. 

Roughly 1 in 4 entered into the holiday break without any annual leave left, having to reduce their work hours in order to cover their childcare needs. 83% of those surveyed agreed having access to more affordable flexible childcare options would make their summer childcare worries disappear, followed by improved employer support. Not to mention, nearly one in two working mums made redundant last year cited childcare issues as a key factor.

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Improving work-life and family balance reduces the risks of childcare-related absenteeism, staff turnover and burnout. Here at Bubble we’re really keen on helping companies address this problem – click here to read the full survey results.

Source: Managing The School Holidays Survey, August 2021