Stop throwing pizza parties – 5 strategies to actually improve employee engagement

Stop throwing pizza parties. Pepperoni is delicious, but it won’t boost employee engagement.

But you know what will? Listening to your team and implementing changes based upon their feedback.

Here are five ways to do just that, and improve employee engagement while creating a happier, more high-performing team.

1. Give employees the recognition they deserve

Encourage employee growth through consistent feedback and recognition. Establish a company recognition program, allowing nominations for outstanding contributions – and even those every day small wins. Putting smiles on the faces of employees is more powerful than you think!

2. Find yourself an employee engagement survey platform

Survey software and engagement platforms like ours at Stribe are game-changers for boosting culture and engagement.

By conducting regular anonymous surveys, asking about job satisfaction, the work environment, and suggestions for improvement you will unlock the voice of your team and really start to learn how to make them happier.

Develop action plans based on their feedback and share the results to show you truly value employee input.

3. Your employees want career development – give it to them!

Don’t underestimate the power of giving people the chance to learn and grow. Grant access to online courses, professional workshops, or offer education reimbursement for employees seeking alternative learning opportunities.

Because by empowering employees to enhance their skills and progress in their careers within your company, you will increase their satisfaction and fulfilment.

4. Flexibility should be a no-brainer

Flexibility is fast becoming one of the most important things top talent look for when applying for new roles – and that’s because leading companies realise people have lives beyond work!

Give employees the opportunity to choose flexible hours or work remotely when suitable. With clear guidelines in place, research has shown productivity is proven to increase, and you will undoubtably enhance work-life balance and job satisfaction.

5. Focus on building trust in leadership

When people trust their leaders, they feel empowered to share their ideas and authentic thoughts.

Drive engagement through open and regular communication about company goals and plans and conduct regular town hall meetings that allow employees to share different perspectives safely.

Establishing an internal communication platform for leaders to share updates and gather feedback from employees is also a valuable way to build trust.

When people are heard, teams are happy.

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