Seven examples for communicating company benefits to new and existing employees

By Pippa Arthur-Van Praagh, Senior Client Success Manager

If you’ve got an awesome¬†employee benefits program, it’s not always safe to assume all your people know it exists or how to access all their benefits. Numerous studies show that you need to repeat your message at least 3 times (yes, 3!) before it really sinks in, while others say you need a certain number of touchpoints (anything from 6 to 13) before people take action. So, just announcing your benefits scheme to new staff when they join your organisation or hiding it in your employee handbook is definitely not enough to get engagement with it. With all the reading your people do in their first week of work, it‚Äôs likely they‚Äôve already forgotten what information is even there!

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A study by the International Foundation of Benefits Plans showed that 65% of organisations felt like educating their employees about their benefits is a high priority.

With that, click here to find out what you can do to inform and excite your people about their employee benefits and maximise the investment you have made?