What does a rocketship have to do with company values?

By Glenn Elliott, Founder

Most companies have corporate values but many employees struggle to remember them or even understand what they really mean. Even fewer companies manage to explain how the values link to the company’s mission.

As we’ve often talked about, Purpose, Mission and Values is one of the foundational elements of the 10-piece Engagement Bridge, our strategic model to improving employee engagement. With eight of our own values, I find that oftentimes employees might forget one from time-to-time. So I brainstormed a way to get them to remember not only what the values mean, but how they work together to reach our own mission, “Let’s make the world a better place to work.”

Click here to watch Glenn’s quick 3-minute video to serve as an example of how to illustrate your own company values – an introduction to the RG Rocketship of Values.