Reward Gateway creates employee engagement mobile app for HR

Employee engagement company, Reward Gateway launches the first HR facing employee engagement mobile app giving access to detailed, real time engagement analytics in the palm of a hand.

Employers and employees expect to be able to get work done when they want, and through the device of their choice. Reward Gateway has always made this mobile experience a reality for the employees who use the mobile-first employee engagement platform that their HR team provides them. Now it’s time for the HR professionals to get the same experience through the SmartInsights App. The first-of-its-kind mobile app gives HR administrators access to detailed engagement analytics to see how every element of their engagement programme is performing.

The SmartInsights App has been built for ‘on-the go’ HR professionals who need real-time results in a fast-paced working environment. The app allows users to access relevant content and resources, all designed specifically to help HR managers to increase their ability to be successful and understand what their employees want. Users will also benefit from being able to get in touch with their Client Success Manager, 24/7 Support Team, or other thought leaders at the company directly from the mobile app.

Richard Hurd-Wood, Chief Product Officer at Reward Gateway said: “It’s our mission to make the world a better place to work, and listening to our clients, conducting primary research, and our commitment to pushing the boundaries, made it clear we had an opportunity to make our clients lives easier by providing real-time updates and data straight to HR’s mobile device.

“We know that attracting, engaging and retaining employees are key business objectives for our clients and this app will give HR the power to share the most up-to-date, tailored information with their people. Whether they want to share the benefits at a certain office, get instant feedback on an employee query, or see which locations are recognising each other the most, they will be able to do this with a swipe of a finger. Now users can access all of their important metrics in a matter of seconds, providing a more streamlined, efficient and above all, stress-free way of working.”

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Jo Skelton, Head of Human Resources at GO Outdoors, said: “By having this data in the palm of their hands, our HR team will be able to increase their knowledge of our programme which includes employee recognition, discounts and employee communications tools and fully understand the wants and needs of our employees. This is ideal for the growth, development and improvement of our employee engagement offering and will help us be nimble as we continuously strive to make GO Outdoors a great place to work.”

The SmartInsights App can be downloaded, for free, by Reward Gateway’s clients directly from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Click here to learn more about how the SmartInsights App can help you to show real time ROI on engagement.