Revolut moves to permanent flexible working

Banking services app provider Revolut has this week confirmed it will permanently move to flexible working arrangements.

From now on, the organisation’s 2,000+ employees have a choice about when and how often they would like to work from home, and how often they would like to work in an office.

Despite 98% of staff saying they had adapted well to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)-induced remote working, Revolut found 65% still wanted the freedom to come into an office whenever they chose.

To enable this, the company has pledged to alter its office space in favour of a more facilitative working environment, focusing on providing space for collaboration rather than workstations. Around 70% of office space to be converted to foster collaboration and team-working throughout 2021.

Commenting on the change, Jim MacDougall, VP of people, Revolut, said: While our people said they loved the better balance achieved by working from home they also said they missed colleagues and the chance to collaborate face-to-face.”

He added: “Our new offering gives everyone the best of both worlds, and we’ll be completing the flexible working policy over the next couple of months.”

Revolut’s research revealed 92% of staff said their productivity had not changed or that if it had, it was for the better. Four-fifths (80%) of employees felt team collaboration had either not negatively changed.

The study also found around 88% of staff said not commuting was the main benefit of working from home. Some 60% reported enjoying a better work-life balance, while 96% of staff felt team performance had not been negatively impacted or had experienced a positive change.