Recognition Improves More Than Engagement Scores

In a recent article on building an effective employee recognition scheme, we discussed the importance of making the right changes after a dissapointing engagement survey. But have you considered working proactively? Even if your engagement survey scores are gleaming, think about what improvements and experiments you could implement to ensure a positive workplace in years to come.

In this article, we’re breaking down the data on the benefits of employee recognition for maintaining a great employee experience. A recognition-rich culture is proven to prevent attrition and even lower high attrition rates.

According to Work Institute, it could cost your organisation up to 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them. But that’s not the end of the potential benefits. Recognition software improves company culture by boosting feelings of connection and a sense of belonging.

Performance Begins With Regular Recognition

According to Gallup, effective employee recognition can reduce employee turnover by 24%. Recognition software enables this by making team members feel valued for their day-to-day contributions. After all, recognition isn’t just for anniversaries and quarterly results. If employees feel appreciated for their daily achievements, they are more likely to remain loyal to a company.

Evidence shows that cultures of high performance are built through regular recognition. When we break down the numbers, employees who feel valued for their contributions tend to be more productive and engaged, driving a 21% uplift in business profitability.

Imagine what your teams could achieve with the right recognition strategy in place.

Atlas Hotels Reduced Attrition by 17% with Mo

You may not have heard of Atlas Hotels, but you’ve probably stayed in one of their suites. They own fifty-eight hotels across the UK, including Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn and Hampton by Hilton brands.

Atlas Hotels has been a Mo customer since 2018. They were dealing with high employee turnover later compounded by the pandemic. Their company culture was struggling with an influx of new managers and a dilution of their shared values.

Our experts supported their HR leaders to foster connection and trust across their teams through recognition, building a sense of shared achievement across office staff, hotel managers and shift workers. It was important to their managers that their recognition strategy didn’t feel too ā€œcorporateā€. Accessibility was key. That’s why our Mo app suited their needs perfectly.

After introducing Mo to over nine hundred employees, Atlas Hotels registered a 17% reduction in attrition rates that they can directly trace to using our platform.

Sarah Brocklebank, Atlasā€™s HR Director, was delighted with the results. ā€œWhen we do something celebratory, we love funnelling everything through Mo so everyone can see, and thatā€™s a big part of bringing the culture at Atlas to lifeā€.

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