Re-evaluate the main wellbeing challenges / Blog / Health Shield

By identifying changes to your biggest employee challenges, you can refine the specific objectives of your wellbeing strategy. In doing so, you’ll be better positioned to assess whether your current wellbeing solution is capable of delivering what’s needed.

Reducing stress and burnout

Levels of stress and burnout across the globe are huge post-pandemic. Burnout can lead to poor mental health, lower productivity and higher absence. Businesses need to be able to support employees, helping address the root causes of burnout. When burnout is a problem it affects the effectiveness of teams.

Increasing employee physical activity

Levels of physical activity reduced for many through this period of remote working. Yet studies show that if employees carry out the recommended UK guidelines of 75 minutes of rigorous physical activity a week, or 150 of moderate physical activity a week – 20 minutes per employee per day – it enhances productivity.

Improving access to healthcare services

People have struggled to access healthcare services during the pandemic. The health crisis continues to have an impact on NHS waiting lists. For some employees, this may translate into exacerbated health problems. For others, it may be a source of increased worry. Businesses are looking at what they can offer to counter this.

Building employee resilience

Happy employees, who are motivated to look after their wellbeing, are more likely to be resilient to change. Businesses will be focused on ensuring their wellbeing offer is best placed to increase happiness and motivation, and build their employee resilience.

Recruitment and talent management

Companies with a robust health and wellbeing offer can expect it to help attract and keep more of the best candidates. Businesses will want to see how their employee benefits package and wellbeing strategy is impacting recruitment and retention.

Increasing engagement

Employees who are aware of, and engage with, their employee benefits through self-management, are typically happier and healthier. Businesses will want to see how engaged their staff are with their current benefits programme, and whether it’s delivering a good return on investment.

Let’s see how Health Shield healthcare benefits could support your employees.