PWC introduces neurodiversity training programme

PWC neurodiversity training programmeProfessional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has rolled out a neurodiversity interactive learning programme to all of its 32,640 UK employees.

Titled Great Minds (don’t think alike), the programme explores the topic of neurodiversity and includes bite-sized resources, as well as stories and experiences from PWC employees. It has been designed to help build understanding of neurodiversity and what it means to be neurodivergent.

PWC has encouraged all staff to complete the programme, which aims to help them develop skills to be inclusive leaders and ensure that neurodivergent workers feel they belong and are valued for who they are. These are two key elements of its people strategy.

Raising awareness and understanding of neurodiversity is a key area of focus for PWC as it continues to build a truly inclusive culture. The programme builds on its #EnablingEveryone campaign that was launched last year, aiming to create a culture where disabled and neurodivergent staff feel more empowered to thrive.

Kim Whippy, enablement manager at PWC, said: “This training aims to foster a culture of understanding and empathy enabling our neurodivergent people to achieve their true potential and impact in the firm. We know our people are observant, curious and proactive in challenging ways of working to be inclusive, as opposed to relying on or waiting for someone to share that they are disabled or neurodivergent.

“This training will empower our teams, being both comfortable and confident interacting and collaborating with our neurodivergent people. We are strongly encouraging all our people to complete the training to see the greatest benefit across our business.”