Personalised employee health: Bespoke health testing solutions

Unhealthy employees come with a hefty price tag. Whether it’s the toll of stress due to workload or the hidden costs of presenteeism, the financial implications are significant. Sick employees not only affect productivity but also impact the cost of health insurance. Happy and healthy employees are not just a benefit, but a necessity for cost-effective operations.

Offering employees access to healthcare resources and information is vital, and organisations are fast turning to personalised wellbeing solutions to promote the health of their workforce. Health testing kits have emerged as a valuable tool for personalising employee health, and come with a host of benefits:

  • Easy access to healthcare: Health testing can reassure employees, enable early detection of conditions or diseases, and promote prevention of potential health issues. At-home health testing kits eliminate the need for in-person visits to a GP for testing, which come with long waiting lists and are often not offered until symptoms are at their worst.
  • Convenience and privacy: Home testing kits are quick and simple to use – most require a small finger-prick blood sample. They also ensure privacy, allowing individuals to manage their health discreetly.
  • Health literacy: Healthcare information can be overwhelming, but DocHQ Health Checks provide employees with GP-verified online results reports and follow-up guidance based on their individual results. This empowers employees to understand their health status, interpret results accurately and make informed decisions.
  • Supportive work culture: Prioritising employee health and wellbeing fosters a positive work culture that promotes loyalty, engagement, and productivity. Providing at-home or at-office health testing kits signals the company’s commitment to the holistic wellbeing of its workforce.

Personalisation in employee health

Tailoring benefits and information to the specific and diverse needs of a workforce is the future of employee health management; cookie-cutter advice or initiatives may not be so effective in engaging workers to change their lifestyle habits. However, personalised health screening that is tailored to an employee’s specific needs – such as cholesterol tests, diabetes tests or hormonal tests – can encourage employees more likely to adopt healthier lifestyles and seek the adequate support they need, whether it’s from their GP or their employer.

DocHQ Health Checks can reveal a range of health issues, from vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems, to heart health, diabetes, perimenopause and menopause and a whole range of other health concerns. DocHQ offers bespoke health testing solutions for a company’s requirements, whether it’s women’s health and men’s hormonal health, heart health, cancer screening, blood sugar monitoring or any other test needed. This means HR managers can tailor health testing to the specific needs of their workforce.

That said, personalised health solutions are only effective if employees act on the findings. Not only does DocHQ offer online results reports with personalised GP guidance and suggested lifestyle changes based on the results, they also work with a network of recognised clinics for patient after-care referral, should employers wish to offer a full end-to-end service to their workforce.

The future of personalised employee health

HR managers play a pivotal role in transforming employee health. By providing access to at-home or at-office health testing kits in a personalised manner, organisations can empower their employees to understand and take charge of their health. It will also help organisations to better understand the needs of their workforce and offer appropriate wellbeing solutions.

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This proactive approach will reduce presenteeism and absenteeism, boost productivity, and create a more supportive and holistic work environment. Offering a personalised approach is key to fostering a healthier and happier workforce – after all, healthy employees are not just an asset; they’re an investment in your organisation’s future success.

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