Low Engagement Survey Score? Use This Strategy

What happens after an employee engagement survey? This article unpacks the positives of taking action and outlines strategies to enhance retention, productivity and workplace connection.

Recent findings reveal a stark reality: only 20% of employees feel truly engaged at work. Since the Great Resignation in 2021, the urgency around employee retention has skyrocketed, with most companies witnessing only minimal emotional commitment from their workforce.

To effectively boost productivity and retention, a strong company culture is essential. Low employee engagement often reflects underlying cultural issues. Leveraging recognition and aligning improvements with core company values, businesses can not only address these challenges but also gain a competitive edge.


Low motivation stems from a few roots. The first is a lack of recognition. Many employees spend their day executing vital “invisible work” that goes unnoticed during awards and promotions. Another reason is a lack of accountability. In an age of remote and hybrid work, it is hard for employees to feel connected to their company mission.

What is the solution? Leveraging recognition will solve both of these problems. Start by creating a company culture that recognises contributions of all sizes. Then implement peer-to-peer recognition to make this a habit in your teams. When employees feel connected to each other, they will feel motivated to his their individual and shared goals.

Present Commitment

If your problem is present commitment, it’s time to address your company culture. If employees feel disconnected from their purpose within their team, they are unlikely to take their objectives seriously – no matter how many bonuses you incentivise them with.

What is the solution? Evidence shows that small habit changes will be more effective than a total overhaul of your culture. We suggest looking into platforms that will help you cement positive habits into your employee’s workday. Our Boosts feature helps managers create a sense of accountability by automating habits, even in remote teams. Even better, benefits of our employee engagement solutions are configurable to every company’s unique requirements. After all, no team is exactly the same.

Future Commitment

Future commitment fails when employees can’t imagine a place for them at their company that is sustainable or fulfilling. It is also hard when progression opportunities are scarce.

What is the solution? Invest in skills development. When employees are empowered to improve, they will bring those learnings to their attitude. Don’t be afraid to develop an employee for fear they will leave for another company. Do you know what will definitely make them leave? A lack of growth opportunities.

Sense of Pride

Having a sense of pride in our work depends on three things: a sense of direction, ownership of tasks, and recognition from senior management. Poor company culture will fail to meet these requirements, leaving employees feeling deflated and unlikely to push themselves to achieve excellence.

What is the solution? According to Forbes, a positive company culture is “designed, first and foremost, around its company values.” Creating a culture of employee engagement requires “checking in with employees to ensure that the company mission aligns with the ways that people currently work and the ways that they want to work.” It might be time to invest in some employee recognition software to give your culture the support it needs to flourish.

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Now that we’ve covered some of the key metrics in most employee engagement surveys, it’s time for you to implement these strategies into your action plan. Feel empowered to invest in your company culture. After all, the benefits are undeniable.

A disappointing engagement score is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. Mo is a next-generation engagement platform that bridges your insights into real action. Speak to our experts about our tailored engagement solutions for your team.