Looking at the bigger picture of workplace wellbeing

In the final week of our Workplace Wellbeing month, we look at the bigger picture of total wellbeing.

Our recent Working Well survey shows that employers are increasingly seeing the importance of other areas of wellbeing – including fostering strong social ties and community involvement – to their employees living healthy and productive lives. We also noted a rapid rise in the number of companies looking at wellbeing on a global level – with nearly 70% of multinational organisations now having a global health strategy, and 42% a global financial wellbeing strategy.

Take an audit of your wellbeing strategy
Visit the total wellbeing section of the Xerox microsite to find a checklist of things you should be considering when preparing your total wellbeing strategy.

We’re also giving you the opportunity to listen again to two webinars where you can hear more about the latest trends in global wellbeing, and find out how employee wellbeing can affect your bottom line. You might also be interested in registering for our upcoming financial wellbeing webinar on Thursday 8 December.

Plus, Xerox has got videos, case studies, and the offer of weekly wellbeing emails, as well as tips and resources for you and your employees.

It’s your last chance to get involved!
This week is your last chance to get involved in our Twitter Q&A, covering all things wellbeing. Tweet your question to @XeroxHRInsights, using our wellbeing hashtag, #focusonwellbeing.

We’d also still love to hear about your wellbeing initiatives – under any of this month’s headings, so let us know.

And finally, this week is your final opportunity to submit your favourite healthy recipe, to be included in our exclusive healthy cookbook. With the holiday season fast approaching, and lots of opportunities to cook for friends and family, what better time to get new and refreshed ideas on how to serve up delicious meals that are good for you too! Just send your top tasty starters, main courses, desserts or snacks through to [email protected].