Linklaters rolls out staff wellbeing app

Linklaters introduces long term flexible working policy

Law firm Linklaters has introduced a workplace wellbeing app that offers accessible and sustainable tools to help staff look after their mental health.

Produced in partnership with employee wellbeing platform BetterSpace, the artificial intelligence powered app will be available for the company’s UK workforce. It will be accompanied by a £300 wellbeing allowance, which can be used in conjunction with the app to support people with personally relevant mental health-related tools and resources.

Employees will be able to access a directory of in-person and virtual wellbeing services related to different aspects of mental health, including sleep and mindfulness apps, digital coaches for fitness activities, and access to volunteering opportunities.

According to Linklaters, fostering a mentally healthy workforce is a priority objective as part of its wider health and wellbeing strategy.

Nick Syson, Linklaters’ health and wellbeing partner, commented that it is more important than ever to nurture physical and mental wellbeing and believes the BetterSpace app will support employees in doing this.

“We are proud of our culture of being open, positive and proactive about mental health and to be championing the next frontier in employee wellbeing support,” he said.

Syson revealed that the app’s most popular resources include Alltrails, which is a collection of hiking, running and mountain bike trails, as well as Ted Talks and daily yoga.

Jim Woods, CEO of BetterSpace, added that the app’s approach to mental health hinges on the lack of a one-size-fits-all solution to mental wellbeing.

Linklaters previously hosted two pilots of BetterSpace’s app during its development stages after the startup began in 2018. Following the completion of the second pilot last year, 91% of the 336 participating employees in the firm’s London and Colchester offices asked for the relationship with BetterSpace to continue, which resulted in the formal partnership being established.