Kura highlights wellbeing resources during festive and winter months

Kura mental wellbeingCustomer experiemce firm Kura takes additional steps to support employees’ mental wellbeing during the festive season and winter months.

The organisation has four operational sites across the UK and South Africa and more than 1,800 employees. In terms of mental wellbeing support during the festive period and winter, it holds engagement events across the business designed to boost team morale, at which it offers holiday-themed activities and highlights its wellbeing resources to all staff.

Kura is aware of the unique challenges these periods can bring and is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to address these, says Grace Anderson, senior HR business partner at the organisation.

“We prioritise the mental wellbeing of our employees through various initiatives,” she explains. “We recognise that help is sometimes needed to deal with the challenges our people may face in life, both practical and emotional.

“That’s why we have our employee assistance programme (EAP). Our employees have access to free, confidential wellbeing app Pam Assist 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, 365-days a year. At Kura, we have taken this service to the next level by offering an enhanced EAP that features online cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness for mental health, a virtual gym, and sleep and nutrition advice for physical health.”

In addition, Kura offers support for employees dealing with loss or loneliness, or those who are far from their families, both during the colder and festive months and the whole year round. Through the wellbeing app, staff can access grief counselling, they can connect with support groups, and are encouraged to reach out to colleagues who may be in need.

Offering support for employee mental wellbeing is crucial because it not only enhances overall job satisfaction and workforce productivity, but also reflects a commitment to the wellbeing of employees as individuals, says Anderson.

“A healthy, motivated and supported workforce contributes significantly to our organisation’s success and strengths our culture of being unrivalled in developing people. We understand the importance of a caring community, especially during challenging times. Information and support are always available for our people,” she concludes.