Female breadwinners are more likely to get divorced

Today’s workplaces are a far cry from the misogynist and smoked-filled offices of the notorious ad agency where Donald Draper resides in the television series Mad Men.

However, some of the attitudes harboured by the slick-haired male professionals of the 1960s still exist.

New research conducted by Western Washington University suggests women who are the chief breadwinners in their marriage are more likely to get divorced. Such salary discrepancies are thought to wound male pride, which leads to tension in the relationship.

The study into the marriages and incomes of 2,500 women found those that consistently made more money than their husband were 38% more likely to divorce. In addition, researchers from Cornell University found that men earned less than their wives were more likely to have affairs.

Perhaps there are some men out there that believe their wives should stay at home and bake the bread rather than win it.