Sykes ensures staff connect with right incentives

Segmentation is key to the recognition and incentive programme launched by Sykes Global Services in May.

The call centre services firm’s programme, SykesPride, was designed to improve recognition among its 650 Edinburgh-based staff through a range of award schemes. These include key performance indicator (KPI) awards for staff who hit their assigned KPIs, ad-hoc awards for those who go the extra mile in their role, and long-service awards.

A dedicated IT platform, provided with the programme package from AYMTM, enables managers to set targets and monitor employees’ progress, thanks to the segmentation process AYMTM undertook with Sykes at the outset.

Alice Wilson, operational business support manager, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa at Sykes, says: “It was segmented on the level of the person, approval authority and department. There is a wide range of KPIs, which are department specific. For example, the KPI requirements for an inbound team are diff erent from those for a technical support team.

“Administration and support staff are awarded for going the extra mile and taking on extra responsibilities (fire wardens, for example) while inbound call-focused staff have activity-driven KPIs.

“Managers can view and approve the awards, nominations and corresponding data that are relevant to their team and their specific roles, preventing employees being bombarded with irrelevant information.

This enables staff and managers to understand the core values, business objectives and their own performance against targets.”