Employee engagement and wellbeing go hand in hand

Organisations that are searching for sustainable individual and business performance need to focus on both wellbeing and engagement, according to a white paper by Engage for Success.


The evidence: wellbeing and employee engagement report sets out evidence for the link between employee engagement and wellbeing, and the consequential impact on individual and organisational performance.

It follows the paper, Nailing the evidence, which Engage for Success published in November 2012 when its task force and website was launched.

The white paper was compiled by the Engage for Success Wellbeing subgroup, which was created in August 2013 as a result of increasing of interest in this topic.

The research took place over six months and was drawn from three perspectives: academic publications, research by consultancies and organisational case studies.

Employers such as Mars, Marks and Spencer, the Department of Health and Birmingham City Council have all contributed case studies to evidence the link between employee engagement and wellbeing.

The subgroup concluded that there is a strong correlation between high wellbeing and employee engagement levels and that these two states are also ‘mutually reinforcing’ and essential for optimal individual and organisational performance.

The report stated: “There is a better way to work, and Engage for Success exists to grow awareness about the power and potential of employee engagement to transform the modern workplace.

“This report contributes to the Engage for Success agenda by focusing a spotlight on the importance of considering wellbeing and engagement together.

“We hope that the presentation of evidence of a synergistic feedback loop between employee engagement and wellbeing will provoke debates at all levels of organisations, and that these debates will prompt actions that will ultimately improve the working lives of employees and contribute to improved organisational business outcomes.”

Wellbeing and Engagement – Engage for Success 2014