JP Morgan launches global wellbeing challenge

EXCLUSIVE: More than 130,000 JP Morgan employees have signed up to take part in its global wellbeing initiative for 2014.


The 12-week activity challenge, which was launched on 23 June, focuses on two areas: early detection and physical activity.

It includes a step-up competition, where employees log their healthy activity to raise money for charity.

Each participating employee receives a free pedometer, which they use to log their steps daily.

Employees’ activities, including running, walking, cycling and swimming, can also be converted into steps.

If the financial services organisation reaches 12,000 steps globally, it will donate up to a maximum of $5 million (£3 million) to its partner charities.

Adam Brooke, employee benefits and wellness manager at JP Morgan, said: “By donating to charity, employees see it as a financial incentive. 

“As an organisation, we donate to charity every year, but this is something different. Something that is embedded in our health and wellbeing culture that will increase the feelgood factor among employees.”

Through the initiative, JP Morgan is aiming to promote a culture of health and engage employees in their wellbeing.

It hopes the challenge will boost employees’ daily activity levels, especially among those who do not engage in the organisation’s health and wellbeing programmes.

So far, 6,500 UK employees have registered. Employees can form teams with a minimum of five and a maximum of 11 participants, which can be formed from any business, location or region.

Recognition will be given to teams and individuals who have taken the most steps, as well as to those with the most improved health. 

“It is a creative way to get wellbeing on the tongues of employees,” said Brooke.

“This is about increasing the ongoing wellness of employees and boost engagement by attracting those that would not necessary exercise by gently easing them into the process.

”It is a great opportunity for us all to come together in teams that span our businesses and regions, and to motivate each other to be more active while engaging in some friendly competition.”