Ladbrokes to launch healthy living programme

Ladbrokes is to launch a healthy living programme for its 15,000 employees.

The programme enables employees to set personal health goals and access information about healthy living, as well as monitoring health risks, including diabetes, heart diseases and stress.

Employees register with the site and then complete a health risk assessment (HRA). The HRA is split into sections based around medical history, lifestyle, diet and stress. Once completed, the employee will be given a Q score, which helps them to understand how healthy they are by placing them in a virtual queue of 100 people of the same age, race and gender. The higher the Q score, the healthier the employee is.

The Q Score allows the employee to understand how their diet, lifestyle and stress affect their health. The tool will then help employees to easily assess areas of their lifestyle they could improve. They will be able to use a range of e-tools, including an online 12-week health coach, to help improve their score over time.

The progress trackers and action plans included within the programme enable employees to keep up-to-date on their journey to improving their health, as well as receiving weekly emails packed with practical health tips.

Phil Rixon, pensions and benefits manager at Ladbrokes, said: “The healthy-living programme provides real benefits to both Ladbrokes as an employer and our employees as well.

“It will enable us to monitor the wellbeing of our employees and allow us to see if there are any areas that we can work together to improve. Our employees will benefit from the wide range of e-tools available and I am confident tools, such as the 12-week health coach, will help reduce sickness absence and improve the health of our [staff] and company.”

The programme, which will be provided by Legal and General, in partnership with Roadtohealth, is also available to Legal and General’s new and existing group income protection members.

Although employers will not be able to see individual employee’s data, they will be able to see trends in their employees’ health, for example, increases in stress, which will help them to better understand employee wellbeing.

Jim Islam, managing director at Legal and General Group Protection, said: “Our aim is to provide employers with a reusable and valuable resource that allows their employees to assess, monitor and improve their health over time.