Automobile Association moves to paperless payslip processes

The Automobile Association (AA) has moved to paperless payslips in order to make savings and increase security.

It is working with Wealden Computing Services to supply online payslips compatible with SAP Payroll to over 8,500 employees.

Moving to the system will allow the AA to save paper and postage costs that equate to thousands of pounds a year.

It also hopes to improve its engagement with employees by providing individual payslips faster and more securely. The first phase of the move to electronic payslips covers over 5,000 office-based staff, with rollout of phase two to the mobile workers.

The AA has also reduced the number of duplicate payslips requested, that had either been lost in the post or in some cases been tampered with.

Gary Lukehurst, payroll and benefits manager at the AA, said: “As a large organisation and employer, environmental issues are very important to us.

“We saw an opportunity with the new technologies available, together with more people now using the internet at home, to move to electronic payslips, both to reduce paper usage and provide more secure notification.

“We can now ensure guaranteed delivery to our employees.”

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