Is your business ready for the world of work post-Covid?

We live in extraordinary times, with an unheard-of level of change being forced upon us all. In less than six months COVID-19 has redefined how we travel, shop, socialise and just as dramatically how we communicate and interact in the world of work.

With 300 million virtual meetings a day now and over 7.4m people having mental health issues due to being lonely, the remote working reality is here and will become a part of the new normal.

Emotional Wellbeing

‘Recognition’ (the act of thanking or positively calling out something that happens) using digital technology is now an essential ingredient for employers to ensure their people stay connected with the business and have their emotional wellbeing protected in a time of hug uncertainty. gives employers of any size the digital solution to recognise and engage their employees easily. It comes with inbuilt reporting and centres around the values of the company.

1 in 3 companies don’t currently have a scheme in place when ‘64% of employees felt recognition and appreciation was “even more important while working from home”’ – psychology today.

Financial Wellbeing

Covid is placing financial strain on many. Mass redundancies, totalling over ¼ million so far, mean those still in work are becoming sole breadwinners in the family. This coupled with the fact that over ‘17 million working-aged Brits have less than £100 in savings’ is causing employees to turn to payday lenders that carry extortionate interest rates.

Each Person includes a solution to save employees 15%-35% on their online shopping through ‘Epoints’ – a points scheme that gives up to 10% cashback every time they shop online and helps them compare prices to get the biggest saving.

Employers who give Epoints to their employees as a reward are 10% better off. The system automatically gives the employee an extra 10% increase in points awarded. So if an Employer gives £100 to their employee, they get an extra £10 at no cost meaning they end up with £110.

Epoints can be spent on the largest range of products and gift cards online, totalling half a million options. Soon Epoints will be available as a loan to employees through their salary which (due to the savings) will make the loan net nil cost. This means turning to payday lenders becomes a thing of the past.

Industry Endorsed

‘GlobalData, a leading research company carries out studies on consumer attitudes and insight. Epoints was identified as one of the 6 new transformative technologies for consumers in their recent study. Citing that 67% of UK shoppers will use Epoints (to save money) over the next 5 years.’

Don’t forget climate change

Covid is front and centre but let’s not forget the imperative of doing more to protect our planet. Each Person is the only recognition scheme aligned to combat climate change. To reflect our commitment, employees can easily give some extra Epoints they get to fund eco-projects such as planting trees. We also donate 5% of our profits to the same climate change initiatives. This is a simple vehicle for employers to take real action.

48 days until Christmas

Matt Norbury, CEO, says “See Covid (in part) as an opportunity to do things better for your employees. Put measures in place to look after their financial needs through enhanced savings and their emotional needs through recognising their efforts using technology. Send more thank you’s. Start a monthly, or annual award ceremony with digital nominations. Make more of work anniversaries. Say Happy Birthday. Make Christmas from work something to celebrate.”

Happy Employers

“We have been really happy with the results so far and the way our teams across the UK have embraced the Each Person recognition and rewards scheme” Will Guy, Strategic HR Business Partner, Bupa

“Our employees exceed expectations and work hard daily. We wanted a platform that makes recognition and reward easy. I can notice the positive impact Each Person and Epoints has had on the team.” Gary Favell, CEO, American Golf

“Each Person’s digital solution is simple to use for both managers and employees.It is a compelling benefit scheme, providing the widest choice of rewards and cost savings” Denise Mackenzie, Head of People Operations, Casual Dining Group